History of ICOCN

International Conference on Optical Communications and Networks (ICOCN) serves as one of the largest international forums for researchers involved in all aspects of optical communications and networks. It has been held annually tracing from 2002 and sponsored by IEEE Photonics Society.
The conference and symposium aim to provide a premier opportunity for professionals, experts, engineers, scientists and industrial people worldwide in the field of research, development and applications of photonics to share and exchange their experience.

History of ICOCN
# Year Location
19 th ICOCN 2021 Online, China
18 th ICOCN 2019 Huangshan, China
17 th ICOCN 2018 Zhuhai, China
16 th ICOCN 2017 Wuzhen, China
15 th ICOCN 2016 Hangzhou, China
14 th ICOCN 2015 Nanjing, China
13 th ICOCN 2014 Suzhou, China
12 th ICOCN 2013 Chengdu, China
11 th ICOCN 2012 Pattaya ,Thailand
10 th ICOCN 2011 Guangzhou, China
9 th ICOCN 2010 Nanjing, China
8 th ICOCN 2009 Beijing, China
7 th ICOCN 2008 Singapore
6 th ICOCN 2007 Taxila, Pakistan
5 th ICOCN 2006 Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou, China
4 th ICOCN 2005 Bangkok, Thailand
3 rd ICOCN 2004 Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
2 nd ICOCN 2003 Bangalore, India
1 st ICOCN 2002 Singapore

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